Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Stash

This post is especially for Maha as well as for anybody else who loves to clothes shop. Most of what you see in the picture is from Zara, the exception is the red shoes.

Zara is a Spanish owned clothing store which caters mostly to young women who want to be in style but who have a limited budget. Maha and I first discovered Zara in Florence the year I rented that wonderful apartment in the Piazza de la Signoria.

Then when Lane and Jon and the boys came, Lane and I really enjoyed it.

There are Zaras all over Europe. Paris has three or four that are always full of young women. And the store always has knock offs of the latest fashions.

The white jacket I discovered was made in Morocco, and it is made of the softest cotton. The lining feels as good as the outer part.

You really can't see the grey linen sweater very well or the white linen top, but they, too, feel good. The silver bedroom slippers came from Zara Home, soft as gloves.

The red shoes came from a shoe store somewhere on that same pedestrian street. The turquoise blob of beads is a set of clips to hold the table cloth down on an outside table, to keep it from blowing off.

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