Monday, May 14, 2012

My First Day as a Bridge Director on a Cruise Ship

Well, I think I can put you out of your misery to begin with and just say, " I survived.". But it wasn't easy.

I had a beginner's class (12 people) at 10 am; an intermediate class (20 people) at 11am; we lost an hour at noon -- strange time to lose an hour -- and it happened to be my lunch hour; and both a social bridge game (4 tables) and a duplicate game (6 tables) from 1:30 until 4:00. Whew!

Then as Barbara and I were going up to the Lido for an early dinner at 6pm, we noticed we were having heavy rain and choppy seas (we put on our accupressure wrist bands), and that the water was coming IN once we got to deck 8. It got worse the further up we went and on the Lido, the floor was an inch deep in water.

We quickly grabbed something to eat and took it back to our room on deck 6, avoiding the elevators, of course. She went back out about 7:30 and said the rain had stopped and it was all cleaned up, as if nothing had happened. So, that was our excitement for today, I hope.

Below is a shot of the game room, but it does not do justice to how many people were there. I'm going to bed.

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