Friday, May 18, 2012

Moving Right Along

We have already been gone from home a week tomorrow and the days are just floating by at an unimaginable speed.

Bridge is settling into a routine, so much so that the same people sit at the same table in the same position. If somebody else sits in their seats, they get huffy, just like in church. Today we had 6 and a half tables.

Already we have had two formal nights for eating in La Fontaine, the formal dining room, but Barbara and I have elected to eat in the Lido because the conversation is better -- you get to choose your table mates.

I have met yet another Sandra, Sandra Millikin, one of the guest lecturers. She is American but married to an Englishman and living in England. She lectures on architecture. Of course I haven't gotten to hear her because I'm in the bridge room. We have had several visits at dinner though, and I find her very interesting and amiable.

One more working day and then we are in port for two days. I can hardly wait. First stop is the Azores.

Below is a shot I took in the Lido on our first night on board ship -- before the deluge.

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