Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Mind is a Process

(Excerpts from MIND, TIME, AND POWER by Anthony Hamilton)

"The mind is a process."  

"All that we are arises with our thoughts.  With our thoughts we make our world."  The Buddha

"Your mind creates information and meaning by arranging your thoughts into concepts, models and maps."

"When you ask yourself a question, you are making a kind of space in your mind, which automatically fills up with information which we call a concept."

"The form of the question determines the form of the answer."

"The content of your mind and the circumstances of your life are the result of the questions you have been asking yourself."

"You can consciously control this process by asking yourself the right questions."

"Questions are conscious organizing principles which feed the unconscious organizing principle."

"Noticing the subtle questions you ask yourself and how it causes the action of your inner awareness to search for answers to these questions can give you great insight into how you are creating your life."

"To consciously create your reality, you must cultivate the ability to create thought forms."

"The more conscious you are of the questions you ask, the more control you have over the thought form created."

"To create a different past or future, you need only to ask a different question."

"Each time you create a new thought form, you stimulate its appearance in your outer world."

"You are learning to use the power of your mind to change your personal reality.  This knowledge instantly changes who you are."

"The concept that exerts the most influence over your life is your model of the universe."

Cognitive Maps

(Excerpts from MIND, TIME, AND POWER by Anthony Hamilton)

"You not only can create your own reality, but you are creating it right now -- unconsciously."

"Each person's life reflects their predominant states."

"When you gaze into the world, you expect it to have the characteristics of your model.  If your expectations are realized, you feel comfortable.  If not, you feel some degree of discomfort.  This triggers your explainer to generate a theory (called a belief) to explain the differences."

"Denial is very influential in creating the unwanted conditions you have been experiencing up to now."

"Each of us thinks we are perceiving, experiencing, and understanding the world when we are really experiencing the actions of our mind as it projects our expectations into the world."

"Most of the difficulties we experience in life stem from the fact that the concepts, models, and images we are using to understand the world are inaccurate."

"Any unpleasant situation that persists in your life does so because of the model of reality you are using."

"Modifying the process changes the outcome."

"When you learn that the megative contents of your life are due to the fact that your memories are faulty and you learn to change your memories, you will gain the power to change the contents of your life."

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Making Models in the Mind

(Excerpts from MIND, TIME AND POWER by Anthony Hamilton)

"Thinking is the process of constructing a model of reality so we can understand our experience."

"We construct models of reality called concepts in order to understand our experiences, remaining blissfully unaware that these internal models may be giving us completely false information."

"The difference between your model of reality and your actual reality... is the source of many of your problems."

"You continually think the origin of your problem lies in the world when it really lies in your 'model' of the world."

"Your mind is constantly creating your personal reality by projecting your internal models outward, where you experience them as external reality....The same nerves used in conceiving your inner world are involved in perceiving your outer one."

"A continuous feedback loop connects these two aspects of your being.  The contents and characteristics of the outer world are shaped by the contents and characteristics of your inner world."

"The circumstances of your life reflect what is going on around you."

"Remain unaware of a certain concept and any results created by it will seem due to other causes."

"...become aware of the patterns that already exist in your mind and gain a measure of control over them."

"This changes your future, since what formerly intimidated you now excites you."

"We Don't Need to Change the Outer World"

(Excerpts from MIND, TIME, AND POWER by Anthony Hamilton)

"Our feelings are not caused by what happens but by the meaning we attach to what happens."

"As you learn to -- consciously -- give each event a positive meaning (and a positive feeling), your world will undergo a profound shift."

"Changing your thinking changes both your worlds."

"The good news is that to create our desires as physical realities we don't need to change the world.  We only need to change our thinking.  The outer world will then be transformed automatically."

"As we examine the inner world, our inner awareness gathers information using our inner senses."

"The operation of the inner awareness is subtle.  When it gathers information from the past, we call it memory.  When it gathers information from the futuree, we can it day-dreaming (if the information is positive) or worry (if the information is negative)."

"As you learn to bring various aspects of the past and the future into the present to be examined, you'll discover that you have everything you need to heal the past and create your dreams."

It feels like MAGIC:  Motivation, Attitude, Goals, Imagination, and Consciousness.

"A clear idea of WHY we want something transforms our intention into a force which propels us from one reality to another."

"To consciously choose attitudes that work for you allows you to create both new opportunities and new emotions."

"Changing your attitude about life changes your life."

"The imagination is the connecting link between the inner and outer worlds."

How the Mind Functions

 Date Palm Somewhere in Spain
(Excerpts from MIND, TIME, AND POWER by Anthony Hamilton)

"If you change your understanding of how the mind functions, the belief of what's possible also changes."

"Thinking of the mind as a receiver of information opens up the possibility of receiving information from a virtually infinite number of new sources."

"The mind, like the ground, will produce any kind of seed you put in it.  It takes time, cultivation, and decision."

"We all have the power to transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary lessons."

"The life I want to create is calling me, trying to manifest itself through me, if only I have the courage to accept responsibility for living my dream."

"The key to mastery over the outer world is gaining mastery over the inner world--to choose for ourselves what we think and how we feel."

"The journey to the inner self is not for the faint of heart."

"The mind operates simultaneously in two worlds -- an outer physical world of events and an inner non-physical world of thoughts.  Like a cat perched on a windowsill, your conscious awareness sits at the interface of both worlds, looking both outward and inward."

"At first glance the outer world seems separate from the inner world.  But this is an illusion.  The two are intimately connected.  In fact, your two worlds are really just different aspects of one overall reality, reflecting something going on deep inside of you.  Your job from now on will be to figure out what that something is."

The Past and the Future

The Matternorn
(Excerpts from MIND, TIME, AND POWER by Anthony Hamilton)

"When you think about the past in a different way, different information comes into your mind."

"The past is really nothing more than a very complex thought form--complete with a meaning you have unconsciously given it."

"When you change your point of view, you change the meaning of past events as well as the implications of it."

"And this is all the past is -- an idea with meaning and implications."

"When you change the meaning of a past event, the character of your present also shifts."

"The difference in the past and the future is an illusion, based on your personal concept of how the mind works."

"What you call memory, and give such special status to, is really a function of the questions you ask yourself about the past.  Change the questions and you change the information.  You can continually get new information about the past simply by asking yourself as series of 'What if...?' questions."

"If you ask similar questions about the future, you'll start to see that the future is just as real as the past."

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"To Take Photographs..."

"To take putting one's head, one's eye, and one's heart on the same axis."

      Henri Cartier Bresson