Friday, May 25, 2012

Final Working Day

Today was my last day to "work" on this cruise, and I must say it was a very gratifying day. Lots of people told me how much they had learned and how much they had enjoyed it. One couple of ladies who played in my social bridge group gave me a present: a key chain with an oval filled with an "ocean" and a little ship floating on it.

Not only that but three if my social bridge students played in the duplicate game: two of them came in third north/south and one of them placed first east/west with a partner that he met only a few days ago.

So, it has been a successful journey for me. To celebrate Barbara and I ate in La Fontaine and dressed up in our formal clothes. We had lobster and steak with Baked Alaska for dessert.

I have to say though that Baked Alaska is a much over rated dessert. I would rather have one of Lee's sundaes: ice cream with chocolate syrup and fresh strawberries. Especially if I had some of Vickie's sugar cookies to go with it.

Tomorrow we are in Brest. The weather might be rainy. It will most certainly be overcast and cool. I might sleep late and see if anybody is playing bridge in the card room. As I haven't played but a couple of hands since I boarded the ship.

The picture below is of the pedestrian shopping street in Lisbon with a view of some statue or other on the docks.

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