Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lee's Dining Room

Beautiful Spaces Where I've Been Entertained This Week

This has been such a wonderful week for me in many ways, but what I want to talk about in this post is two of the beautiful spaces in which I have shared a meal with special people.

Several weeks ago, when Nat and Brian were visiting from Boston, Lee entertained family and a few friends in his side yard with outdoor lights and music.  The works.  Henry made pictures and Lee did a slide show and e-mailed it to all of us.  He wrote this as an introduction to the slide show:

"...and in the soft stillness of a Southern spring night, they enjoyed again for an evening, the simplest of all pleasures, being in the company of those you love."

Of course, the sharings I'm talking about occurred in the daytime, but the rest of the quote is still relevant.

Lee's Breakfast

This morning, Lee and Vicki had a breakfast for Henry and Alexandra, both of whom graduated from the University of Alabama on Saturday.  The food was hearty:  steak, pork loin, scrambled eggs, grits, cornbread, and fruit with yogurt.  Plenty of hot coffee, and cookies afterwards.

In addition to hearing about Henry's being accepted to an exclusive photo workshop in New York this June and about Harris's account of the state track meet in Mobile this past weekend, we were entertained by Vicki's new puppy, Louie, a white ball of fur who tumbles around and chews on whatever touches his muzzle.

Watching the young people -- because we have no more children in our family -- and listening to them interact with each other and with the older people was awesome (to use their language).

Wynell's Lunch

On Wednesday, I visited with Ed and Wynell at their house on Lake Logan-Martin.  They have almost finished remodeling their kitchen and I wanted to see how it had turned out.  Also, I wanted to have
one of those lunches that only Wynell can prepare.

Beautiful table (my only regret is that I didn't get a picture of it before we devoured the meal), luscious meal:  chieken pie, the best salad I have ever put in my mouth, and chocolate dipped macaroons for dessert.  Jane joined us, and after Ed retired to the bedroom to read his 800 page book (or take a nap), the three women caught up on each other's lives the way we always do no matter how long it's been or what all has intervened.

I hope your week has been as full of love and nourishment and beauty as mine has.
Wynell's Sunroom

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