Monday, April 30, 2012

Today is going to be a play day!

Yesterday, I worked hard.  I finally got myself to write a serious hub -- as opposed to a fun one on travel or fashion -- on AWAKENING THE HEROES WITHIN.  A book by Carol Pearson which I have used for many years in my work as a Life Coach.

It made a great hub, too, because there were twelve archetypes to summarize, so that gave me lots of word count (Google likes word count).  

Which images to use stumped me at first, but then I decided to go for creating a mood, instead of picturing the archetypes.  For the opening image, I used the statue of a male in the Piazza de la Signoria in Florence.  I don't remember who he was, but every time I looked out the French doors of that wonderful apartment, I looked directly at him.  Plus, he is so heroic looking.

Back to playing.

My sister, Harriet, is coming this morning to spend the night -- a rare treat, as she can seldom leave home for an overnight visit.  I'm thinking of ways we can play.  I think, maybe, we'll have lunch at the Cypress Inn, make a couple of quick trips to Manna Grocery and Publix, and then I want to introduce her to a new little shop in Midtown called Soca.  I've only been there once, but I saw several tops I would like to buy for the cruise (I leave May 12 and return May 28).

The image at the top of the page, however, is of the new eyeshadow kit I bought yesterday at Ulta, an Urban Decay set called "Naked 2,"  whatever that means.  The colors are soft and subtle (maybe that's what it means).  I love the teal and the lavender, and all the bronze tones.  Maybe we'll play make-up tonight.

Women's Work

Of course, we'll do our serious work, too, this evening after the shopping and the eating.  If the Monday Night Group (Lindsey, Genevieve, and Stephan) come, I'll work Harriet into that group as well.
Women's Work was the original name of the "work" I did when I first came back from Zurich. It is from a quotation from May Sarton:  "Women's work is always toward wholeness."

Now,  though, Life Coach is better, because men want to work, too.  Maybe even Life Style Coach, and that could include my interests in fashion, travel, photography, and design.  Hummmm!  I wonder how I could change the name of my blog?????

Friday, April 27, 2012

Today's Image:  The Lone Boat

I'm feeling very reflective today -- and thus not very productive, so I wanted to use my blogging time to help me sort things out.

Thus, today's image is indicative of my insides:  alone and still on a turquoise sea with pink foliage and little shelters in the background.

What I'm Working On

Maybe a more accurate description is what is working on me, rather than what I'm working on.  Yes, that feels more like it.

Whatever it is is soft and sweet and caressing,  quiet so I can still hear the water running in the fountain outside.  My insides feel like my garden, with the sunlight filtering through the leaves and the lattice work.
Mesmerizing.  Oh, well, I forgot what I was going to work on, so I'll just let it work on me.

Nothing pressing to do, but enough "goings on" to keep me happily occupied.  I should write another hub or take another skills test on elance, but I won't.  "Not today," as Will used to say when he was little and you asked him if he wanted to do something you wanted him to do.  "Not today,"  he'd say.  And that ended it!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


A Story about a Woman and her Cat, with Images

Before I go off to my bridge game, I wanted to post a link and a comment to s story I wrote a year or so ago called:  "Sophie and Solange."

"Sophie and Solange"

This is a story, mostly in images, of a woman and her cat who lead a quiet life in the daytime, but at night, they are transformed by Morpheus, god of dreams and the underworld, and merge into one creature.

It was originally written to be a showcase for my photographs and watercolors.  But, as stories will sometimes do, it took on a life of its own.

Click here to see the whole story on hubpages.

And, of course, I would love to hear your comments.

Tout a l'heure.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A New Day


A new day on my blog:  Sandra Busby, Life Coach.  Today I am going to begin to integrate all parts of myself on this blog:  writer, photographer, consultant, life coach, and traveler extraordinaire.

And I think I'll start by sharing one of my images every day.

The image to the right is an original watercolor from an old photograph I found at the flea market in Zurich.  I bought it and put it away with all things foreign until I started dabbling in watercolor.

This image is called "Woman in the Mirror."

And she so represents that part of me that is reflective.  I need lots of down-time.  Like May Sarton, in her JOURNAL OF A SOLITUDE, notes that nothing is completely mine until I have time to reflect on it, write about it, sort it out.

On another note:

I have spent some time this morning getting myself signed up on Elance, taking some of the skills tests, working on my profile, etc.  All of that boring stuff you have to do to get started on something new.  This is the beginning of my venturing off of hubpages into other venues for writing, but I'm just starting, so...we'll see.

Later in the day, a friend is coming over to help me with my computer skills on ACBL Bridge Score, the software I will be using on the Prinsendam as the bridge director.  We sail May 13 from Ft. Lauderdale, cross the Atlantic, stopping in the Azores, Lisbon, Brest, and Cherbourg before disembaring at Tilbury, the new dock on the Thames.  

It is my first time to be "in charge," and I want to get good evaluations, so that I can choose my cruises.

And then:

At 3:30 this afternoon, I will see one of my Life Coach clients.  A very attractive, talented, and hard-working woman who is in transition in her life.  She is diligent in her inner work, and she brings me much pleasure.


Wednesday evening is normally the night my son comes to dinner, but tonight he will be flying in from a consulting job in Tampa, so I expect it will be too late for eating.  (I will probably be in bed by the time he arrives home at 9pm.)

That's my day!  And a lovely day I'm expecting it to be!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My interests are morphing

I am so much in transition since I have started hubbing on    At first, I was interested in writing only about "personal development," "Jungian psychology," "health," etc.  And I got some pretty good results, but just a few weeks ago, I discovered "pinterest" and "polyvore."  Wham!  My interests have suddenly gone to "fashion" and "decorating."  Using my own images and travel.

So what do I do with this blog?  Change the name to reflect my new interests?  Or start another?

I'll have to see.

Check out my pages on pinterest and polyvore:

Any suggestions?

Image of the day!