Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Drawing is Thinking"

Some excerpts from the introduction by Judith Thurman:

"To perceive something is to recognize it.  But to recognize something is not necessarily to perceive it."

"This (book) is a journey, but our guide won't tell us where we're going, and every reader has to reach his own destination."

"...the tension between inevitability and surprise..."

"However one defines beauty, its spell holds distraction at bay, and creates a sanctuary from which randonness is excluded."

"In that space of time, we have, however briefly, the chance of becoming present to ourselves--and one with art."

"In Glaser's view, art is one of, and perhaps the most important of, our species' tools for survival."

"...when we speak of love 'losing its mystery,' we are...describing our own lazy surrender to sensoty domestication."

" artist like Glaser,...navigates the marketplace of our visusl culture, without compromising his ideals."

Friday, March 7, 2014

A Minority View?

"Nothing is so important to a man as the company of intelligent women."

                    Leo Tolstoy

Makes you wonder sometimes, doesn't it?