Saturday, February 23, 2013

Aquarius, the Water Bearer, and Aspiration: Manly Hall

So, here we are at the end of the series of signs of the zodiac and the gifts they bestow, according to Manly Hall.  (For some reason, there is no comment on Pisces!?!)

The gift that Aquarius bestows is Aspiration:  the eternal recognition that the truthseeker desires to build a better world for others.

The danger here is that where there is a virtue, there is an illustion twisted around it.  We often seek to bestow upon others visions which they cannot receive.

We must remember:  that we are working with good children, who cannot know more than they do.

Aspiration must be tied to one's abilities.  We should always aspire to the "next" thing and realize that life is a series of steps.  This teaches us patience and humility, and the mystery of enduring.

There are things which man can do and things which he cannot do.  We can prepare the Gods' way, but we must await their works.

"All conquest must fail unless the conquest is of self."

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