Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Sign of Cancer, the Crab, Ruled by the Moon: Manly Hall

The next astrological sign that Manly Hall discusses is the sign of Cancer, the Crab, ruled by the Moon.

The gift bestowed by the Moon is mood, moods which, if we are not careful, can make us the servant of the tides.  The Moon which is both light and dark, shows us the strange inconstancy in ourselves.

We are sometimes 'yes,' and sometimes 'no,' so that if we allow our moods to control us, we move on surfaces of things we cannot control.

We must learn to rise above the passing pressures of our moods which weaken us.  This strange cycle of ebbing and flowing, of coming and going, of hopes and fears we cannot understand.

We must bring out own nature into line and do no thing too much or too little.  For the pressure of moods can make us think the end justifies the means.  This pressure can turn our idealism into vanity, our dedication into fanaticism.  Then the Madness of the Moon is upon us.

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