Monday, February 18, 2013

Sagittarius, Aspiration, Instruction and the Centaur: Manly Hall

The sign of Sagittarius gives us the gift of instruction, or aspiration.  It is the sign of the Centaur, part human and part animal,  part man and part horse, aiming his arrow at the stars.

The three large areas of instruction are religion, philosophy, and science, but the Centaur reminds us that it is Nature that is the true teacher.  We can learn something from every other human being and from all of Nature.

In fact, instruction is the inevitable consequence of man's contact with Nature, whether it is from another human being or the sunset.

All knowledge flows from the fountain of Universal Consciousness. Everything that happens has a meaning, teaching us to become heroes.

Nature is a god with the body of a horse.  Nature teaches us to be both human and divine when we can see the Universal teacher in our own children and in our own friends.

But how shall we know when we have learned.  Socrates says the first prerequisite of learning is to be able to accept reproof.  The individual who is unable to change his own attitudes, who thinks it is more important to remain the same rather than to accept guidance cannot be instructed and has not accepted the gift of the Centaur in the search of the Soul for reality.

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