Friday, February 8, 2013

Gemini, the Twins: Manly Hall

With Gemini, the Twins, the gift that is bestowed upon us is psychic polarity.  Nothing is ever all one thing or all another ever again, and this gift of polarity brings thoughtfulness.

And thoughtfulness brings caution.  According to Manly Hall:  "The more stupid people are, the more certain they are.  And the more thoughtful they are, the more uncertain they are."

So, as with all gifts, this one is a mixed blessing.  We must learn to be thoughtful without losing our direction.  We must learn to be skillful, but not lose purpose.

The principle of duality, brings division, and division always bring loss and disillusionment.  Division intensifies, brings prejudice, and never lets anything die.  Long after the argument is lost, we may still be going over the facts in our heads.

"That which the gods would destroy, they must first divide."

Therefore, the lesson of the gift of Gemini is never to forget that all things are one.  We must learn to acknowledge the unity in all things, even though we can see the opposites.

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