Thursday, February 14, 2013

Scorpio and the Secrets of Silence: Manly Hall

Scorpio, represented in the zodiac by the scorpion and the eagle, is in the night house of Mars, and the gift it bestows is the secret of silence.

Scorpio, in its strange, deep, darkness, is the God of silence, for in silence and silence alone all mysteries are solved.

"If 'to be' is silver; to be silent is golden."

More that quitetude is required, however, one must also be still, still and silent.

Silence is the gateway to the internal life, and the ancient mystery rituals were steeped in silence.

"The power to listen is greater than the power to speak.  Who listens learns, who speaks knows only about himself."

God is the infinite Truth abiding in silence.

Our task:  to conquer sound in our own souls.

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