Monday, March 4, 2013

Ayurvedic Body Types: VATA

(Based on AYURVEDA:  A LIFE OF BALANCE by Maya Tiwari)

Ayurveda, the 5000 year old Indian science of improving your life by staying in balance, has long been a favorite of mine.  The body types described according to Ayurveda gave me the first insight I have ever had about how to eat, sleep, not exercise, dress, and live so that I could be comfortable in the world.

These posts are going to be a sketchy introduction to this ancient way of being by means of introducing it to those of you who have never heard of it.

The three main body types are vata, pitta and kapha, but with all of the combinations of those three there are nine.

Vata is my own body type so I'm going to deal with it first and probably in more detail.  The Vata person is thin, fast moving, with a quick mind, and is easily unbalanced.

From now on, I am quoting from the book:

The Vata personality and psychological nature:  swift as a deer, cold as ice.

This type always appears to be on the precipice of isolation....Influenced by the air and space elements....Vata permeates the subtle body....A person evolving from the fourth chakra has a very short karmic slack....Vata types must allow their numinous nature to revel in the true spirit of universal sensuality....The most common mistake make by the Vata person is to attempt to meld into the routines created by Pitta and Kapha....The so-called norms are to be avoided by Vata types....The most vital insulation for the austere structure of Vata is fine and harmonious sound....Vata is also ruled by a heightened sense of touch....Vatas need the gentle buffering of soft, flowing clothes....Vatas need to maintain a consistent daily schedule, one that allows for reflection, napping, and nurturing the body and mind....Vata does not need intense exercise....With a nature steeped in aesthetics, Vata is the natural clothes horse.

So--next time, I will reflect on how this impacts my own life.

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