Saturday, February 2, 2013

Patience, Concentration, Self-Control, etc.: Manly Hall

More from the Manly Hall lectures:

"The patient person is free from the need to force things."

"Growth of the person comes when the false motions are relaxed."

"Only when false motion is stilled can the true motion be perceived within by the person himself."

"Concentration is the individual attempting to coordinate his own resources."

"Our garments or robes symbolically are not only our energy fields, they are also our intellectual and emotional bodies, our energies, thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears."

"Our temperament robes our inner life."

"By concentration, we are not merely exercising our will, we are gradually imposing principle over our personal conduct.  We are no longer the slaves of our appetites."

"The body is the servant of concentration.  When the body rules us, the lowest part of ourselves is in control."

"The victory is not in the thing we concentrate on but in the ability to control our own mind."

"Concentration aimed at some material end has no value."

"Nature uses punishment only for those who obstinately refuse to see."

"Our aim is to come to the point where, when we say to the mind, 'Think,' it will think.  And when we say to the mind, 'Rest,' it will rest."

"The puspose of concentration is to get hold of the reins of our own faculties."

"The moment the individual attempts to control himself in any way, he either itches or hurts somewhere."

"With the mind so completely out of control, how can we expect our lives to be in any better condition."

"Without self-conrol, we can never be secure in anything."

"You have to be very wise before you always want to do what is right."

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