Monday, February 4, 2013

Layers of Beingness or Playing Dress-up

I read the other day, somewhere, that playing dress-up begins at age five and never really ends.

And I was reminded of Lane's tea party last winter for the two little French girls, aged about 5 and 8 (I think).  I provided the hats and furs and jewels.  Lane provided the tea and cookies.

There were also three college girls, Lane, one of her friends, and me, besides the little girls.

Of course, we all had our cell phones with cameras, but these days you can't publish pictures of other people's children, so I made this little drawing which, for me, so represents, playing dress-up.

Then, my mind jumps to the Monday Night Girls' Group and our website, Layers of Beingness, which we created to keep up with each other as the school year ended and everybody scattered to their various grown-up jobs.

We never did anything with "Layers of Beingness," which as you might imagine was my title, but I find that I am forever playing with that idea in my head.

Even the watercolors included in the Manly hall information are bits and pieces of me, and they all evolved from that little 5-year-old girl inside my head who so enjoys playing dress-up.

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