Friday, March 8, 2013


(Information from blog:  HeyMonicaB on Kapha:  Energy of Construction)

Kapha is the dosha responsible for lubrication and construction of the body.

Everybody loves a Kapha.  They are comfortable and happy in one place and don't like to change.

Kaphas are prone to heavy, static diseases like obesity, diabetes, and dullness of mind.

Kaphas are the peacemakes, the joyous hosts,  the listeners, the nurturers.

Their mind is steady, the attitude is positive, and their body is strong.

Their skin is usually pale, their eyes big and beautiful, their teeth strong, their lashes long.

They gain weight easily.  The best thing they can do is get moving.

A light diet is best and they need to fast.

Because of their sturdiness, Kaphas tend to be the heaviest of the three doshas, including their mental energy.  They are extremely tolerant and patient.

For the image, think of the Kardashians.

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