Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PITTA: Description

(From AYURVEDA:  A LIFE OF BALANCE by Maya Tiwari)

The Pitta Personality:  The brillance of a raging fire dragon in the city of sparkling gems.

Pitta demands the lion's share and usually gets it.  Energy, ambition, and aggression are the primary qualities of Pitta.

Born of the radiating energy of the universe, Pitta transforms ideas into reality.

The Pitta types naturally enjoy absolute control over all situations.  Ram-powered for success, they are brilliant and able to focus single-mindedly on the task at hand.

Pitta types lose control with great rapidity.  Tempering the Pitta will is tantamount to controlling a raging forest fire.

Consideration for others is the main issue that Pitta types must keep foremost in mind.

It is a common mistake for Pitta types to feel that material conquests are the pinnacle of success.

They are equipped for the Hundred Years' War each day.

Physical characteristics include:  red, blond or prematurely grey hair; soft, warm, freckled skin; medium build, athletic and well-toned.

Emotional characteristics include:  intelligent, arrogant, self-centered, alert, irritable.

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