Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Path Our Life is Trying to Take

From:  AT A JOURNAL WORKSHOP by Ira Progroff

"We work day by day to keep ourselves in an ongoing relationship with whatever is taking place inside ourselves to get a larger perception of the path our life is trying to take."

"Ordinarily the mind is manacled to the body and only when it can be freed from this imprisonment may hope of a higher life dawn."

"The INTENSIVE JOURNAL sets into motion a self-balancing process."

"What is important is that you find a way of living that will validate both your inner sense of truth and the actualities of your outer experience."

"We gradually discover that our life has been going somewhere, however blind we have been to its direction and however unhelpful to it we ourselves may have been."

"When a person recognizes the nonconscious guidance that has been directing his personal life involvements, he perceives that the peaks and valleys are of equal importance."

"The essence lies not in the events of his life, but in his inner relationship to them."

"One important criterion is the progressive building of the inner movement of energy drawing the life toward wholeness."

"The lives of creative persons are strongly in motion and are full of change and energy."

"Creative persons perceive the contents of their lives not as being the major realities but merely the raw material of the process by which their artworks are brought to fruition."

"Where am I in the movement of my life?"

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