Saturday, March 30, 2013

Leaping Forward Into Our Future


"We work day by day to keep ourselves in an ongoing relationship with whatever is taking place inside ourselves."

"Let us begin to reconstruct the events and feelings that drew the day into motion."

"You will begin to recognize how your day unfolded from within yourself."

"We record the shifting phases of our order to bring ourselves into accord with the movement of our inner processes."

"We are able to see how large and varied a resource we have been carrying in the depth of ourseves."

"We are engaged in gathering honest, empirical data for use in deepening our own inner process."

"Our specific goal is to build a large enough working context so that we can develop a sense of inner timing with which to guide ourselves as we move into our future."

"We are beginning to be able to move around inside ourselves.  We have opened channels in the inner space of our lives."

"We wish to reach the point where we can feel comfortable in moving with full freedom into every crevice of our lives."

"Our whole existence becomes like good, soft soil through which we can run our fingers, enjoying the touch of it."

"Steppingstones are indicators that enable a person to recognize the deeper-than-conscious goals toward which the movement of his life is trying to take him."

"We go back into our past in order to be better able to leap forward into our future."

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