Sunday, October 21, 2012

Settling Back into my Life at Home

Juggling is a great metaphor for balancing.

I haven't posted in a week, and I want to get something new posted, but I find I haven't had much to say.

Maybe that's because it takes a while to settled back into my life at home.  I have certainly enjoyed doing that, and my life is full of love and engagement, even if it's not quite as exotic as a trip to Paris.

Anyway, this image of a woman juggler reminded me of how important it is to juggle all the elements of a fulfilling life.  It is truly a balancing act.

In Zurich, when I was feeling overwhelmed by doing my analysis and living my life, which was certainly trimmed down to the essentials, my analyst said, "It's like juggling.  You will get to the point where you can do your inner work and keep your outer life going at the same time."

It seemed like an impossible task at the time, but I am happy to say that I think I'm doing it.  Being retired helps, of course, not having to worry about bringing in the money to pay for it.  Having your children raised, also takes a few balls out of the act.  It's really quite a wonderful time of life; and it is almost as easy as it looks in this image of a woman keeping all those balls in the air while looking poised and even a bit unconcerned.  She is juggling all the aspects of her outer world, but she is definitely "somewhere else."  Like a circus act.

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