Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lunch at the Waysider with Bear Bryant and Coach Saban

The bust of Bear Bryant which sits on "my" table at the Waysider.

Those of you who know me, know what an unlikely scenario this is, but -- wait -- let me explain:

At least two days a week I have my lunch at the Waysider, a restaurant in Tuscaloosa known for its support of the Alabama Football Team.

It is covered with photographs
of the team, the coaches, etc.  And there is a bust of Bear Bryant and a life sized cardboard statue of Coach Saban.

My favorite table at the Waysider is in a corner, by the restrooms.  It's quiet; it's a bit dark; but from here I can eat my lunch in relative calm and observe the other patrons as they come in.  If it's somebody I know, I can speak without leaving my table.

Well, for some reason, probably lack of space -- there is no more space on the walls to hang a single photograph, and I noticed the tables have been slightly rearranged to add another chair or two -- for some reason, "The Bear" has been placed on my little table for two.  And there he sits, keeping me company on those days I take my lunch there.  Coach Saban, on the other hand, is pointing and screaming something presumably at one of his players.  I don't notice him so much, but occasionally I have to move the sugar and butter around "The Bear" to make room for my lunch.

This is the view from my table into the main dining room.

By the way, Tuesday was Anita's birthday and the flowers and balloons were for her.  Anita and Dean always save me a piece of chocolate pie to finish my meal.  Thanks. ladies, and Happy Birthday, Anita.

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