Friday, October 5, 2012

In Paris, at Last

Sometimes when I'm enduring the long plane ride, the bad weather, the tedious process of getting technologically savvy in another language, etc., I ask myself, "Do I really want to be in Paris that much?"

But from where I am now--sitting in my wonderful little room with my stomach full, euros in my pocket, hooked up to the internet -- finally, the answer is "Certainment."

It took 30 hours (that includes 14 hours in the bed) and I'm afraid to count how many euros to do it, but now it is done. And now I can look in the windows and make pictures.

Maha was already here and functioning. She had already been to the Monoprix to lay in supplies like water and snacks. She had her metro tickets and she has already been all over Paris.

Needless to say, I can't keep up with her, but there's no need to. We just text and meet. It's a great system and shouldn't cost a house payment since we bought the package. Mine may run out. She's an avid texter.

The image is of the church at Saint Sulpice during a moment when the sun came out. The weather is capricious. Maha says, "The Parisians don't wear sunglasses." And I know why. The second you put them on, it clouds up and you have to take them off again.

But it doesn't matter. I just wear my raincoat, scarf, and hat and keep changing my glasses--because it's worth it to look in the shop windows.

We are having dinner with Betsy and Richard tonight. Of that, more later.

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