Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Almost Lived in Paris Once on the rue Parc Royale

It was 1994, the year I rented my first apartment in Paris out of Sandra Gustafson's CHEAP SLEEPS IN PARIS. I had a small inheritance, I was not going to be a Jungian analyst -- that had been decided in 1985 -- but I was working in Atlanta and was financially responsible, but I was tired of it.

Anyway being in Paris for a month gave me ideas and so I started looking at studio apartments. The one I came very close to buying was on the rue Parc Royale. It had a little park in front of it and was owned by an airline stewardess who used it for a pied a terre.

The building and the environs were exquisite as you can see from the photos, but it was tiny. The bathroom was like a fold up closet and the kitchen was not much more than a hot plate and a fridge on a shelf.

But I didn't and good thing, too, because then I would have missed all those good years in Tuscaloosa.

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