Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Notion of Detachment


"If you live at the center of One Reality, you begin to witness patterns coming and going.  At first, these patterns continue to feel personal.  You create the patterns, and that brings a sense of attachment.  But artists are famous for not collecting their own works; it is the act of creation itself that brings satisfaction."

"The notion of detachment is the same detachment any creator has once the work is done.  Having created the experience and then lived it out, one finds that detachment comes naturally.  It doesn't happen all at once, however.  For a long time we remain fascinated by the play of duality with its constantly warring opposites."

"Yet eventually, one is ready to undergo the experience called metanoia--Greek for having a change of heart.  Metanoia is very close to what we've been calling transformation.  You shift your sense of self from local to nonlocal.  Instead of calling any experience 'mine,' you see that every pattern in the universe is temporary."

"The universe keeps shiffling its basic material into new shapes, and for a time you have called one of these shapes 'me.'"

"When I can see myself as a ripple in a field of light, I can find the freedom that cannot be attained by remaining who I am inside my accepted boundaries."

"Local awareness is caught on the border between the ego and the universe.  This is an anxious place....You navigate through the world on the unspoken assumptiong that you are important and that getting what you want matters."

"When you detach yourself from local awareness, you stop playing the ego's game."

"All you need to realize is that all your roles exist simultaneously.  The real you is detached from any role, any scenery, any drama....Detachment isn't an end unto itself--it develops into a kind of mastery.  When you have this mastery, you can shift into nonlocal awareness anytime you want."

"Experience loses its juice when you know that you created it."

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