Sunday, May 5, 2013

Meeting the Day in Full Awareness


"You cannot be truly free if your interactions with the universe are personal because a person is a limited package.  If you remain inside the package, so will your awareness.  Today, start to act as if your influence extends everywhere."

"Wake up as early as you usually do...and let your mind look forward to the day ahead....You are likely to experience residues from yesterday and the return of worries of today."

"Let all this move in and out of awareness as it wants to. Have the intention that this will clear.  Keep looking at the day ahead.  Get a feeling for it; try to meet it with your being."

"After a few will drift in and out of a fuzzy awareness--this means you have dived a bit deeper than the surface layer of mental restlessness."

"At this point you'll find that, instead of images, your mind settles into a rhythm of feelings....Your being is meeting the day at the level of incubation, where events are seeds getting ready to sprout.  Your only purpose is to be there.  You don't need to change anything....When you meet the day, you add the influence of your awareness in silence."

"The effect occurs on a subtle level.  It's like sitting next to a child's bed just as she falls asleep.  Your presence is enough, without words or actions, to settle the child"

"You are intending to let life unfold as it will.  You've showed up with open mind and open heart."

"If you feel any of these feelings, you have succeeded:  you feel new, you feel at peace, you feel in harmony, you feel creative, you feel loving, you feel whole."

"What you are now beginning to do is to precipitate reality onto the earth.  You are opening a channel in your own awareness through which renewal, peace, harmony, creativity, love, and wholeness get a chance to be here."

"Like rain falling out of a clear sky, your influence causes a possibility to become manifest."

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