Saturday, May 11, 2013



"Essense conceives everything in existence, turns what it has imagined into reality, and enters that reality and keeps it alive."

"To enter (one's reality) subjectively means to absorb it into your nervous system.)

"You imagine a picture, then you paint it, and step inside it."

"The three qualities of essence that permeate the universe:  I exist; I am aware; I create."

"Once you realize that essence is the real you, the golden door opens.  Essence is precious because it is the stuff from which the soul is made.  If  you keep holding on to essence while stepping back into the picture you create, you would be living from the level of the soul at every moment."

"Whole worlds arise and fall like ripples in the ocean."

"All objects are experienced in the subject and nowhere else."

"The four conditions that must exist if you want to find reality:

1.  Contentment:  the quality of restfulness in the mind.

2.  Inquiry:  to get real, you have to question the unreal over and over, peeling it away until it disappears.

3.  Self-Awareness:  for every challenge there are always two solutions -- the inner and the outer.

4.  Strength:  because you are looking inward, no one from the outside can help you.  This implies a kind of isolation and solitude that only the strong can accept."

"Your inner strength grows from experience.  The journey itself makes you strong."

"The emergence of this world is no more than thoughts coming into manifestation."

"From the infinite consciousness, we have created each other in our imagination."

"You are the unborn and the undying 'I am.'  Remember that and if your mind wonders from this truth, bring it back."

"Why am I here?  To create the world in every moment."

"Once you accept the second birth, you continue to have thoughts and feelings, but now they are soft impulses against a background of silent awareness, faint ripples that rise and fall without disturbing the ocean of being."

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