Thursday, May 30, 2013

Perception and the Mind

(Excerpts from VASISTHA'S YOGA)

"Because the subject is pure consciousness, he is able to conjure up the object."

"One is the reflection of the other; there is no real duality."

"Words have been used in order to facilitate the imparting of instruction....When the truth is known, all descriptions cease, and silence alone remains."

"Wise men do not desire to do anything; and wise men do not desire to abandon action either."

"One beholds with physical eyes only such objects as have been created by him in his own mind."

"When the mind inquires into its own nature....There is realization of the one infinite consciousness, and one attains great bliss."

"The mind experiences only that which it contemplates."

"Action is nothing but the movement of energy in consciousness."

"Mind is an intention arising in the omnipotent and infinite consciousness."

"When mind ignorantly and foolishly identifies itself as an existent separate individual, it is known as egotism."

"When the mind thinks  'I am bound' there is bondage; when it thinks 'I am free' there is freedom."

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