Sunday, June 3, 2012

At the Jane Austin Luncheon

Saturday was the annual Jane Austin Luncheon at Celeste's house to which Lane and I are always graciously invited, even though we do not technically belong to the society.  

It is an opportunity for us -- me and Lane -- to play dress-up and go out as "ladies" together.  The food is always delicious and, of course, the house and gardens are a special delight.

This particular picture of us amazes me.  I know Lane is an inch or so taller than I am, and here she is wearing heels and I am in flat sandals, so even though my hat is sticking up,  she is still towering over me. Hmmmm!

All of which leads me to reflect on how, if we have done a good job as parents and sometimes if we haven't, our children will "tower over us," symbolically.  Lane certainly does this and is going to do it even more as her life goes on.

But, back to the luncheon:  chicken salad with grapes, tomato aspic with artichokes, lima beans, and yeast rolls.  For dessert:  peach cobbler with whipped cream and coffee.  A truly Southern ladies' luncheon, served by a truly Southern lady who continues to uphold tradition while at the same time staying abreast of the world intellectually and politically.  

The program was on the architecture of Jane Austin's time, and I loved hearing words I never hear in any other of my activities, like "balustrade" and "dilettante."  A truly lovely summer afternoon.  Thank you, Celeste.

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