Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day - June 2012

Father's Day - June 2012

The McLellands invited me to join them for brunch at "5's" today to celebrate Father's Day:  Lane and Jon, Bert and Will.  Of course, I did that with pleasure.

Lane and Jon are always wonderful to go out with; they know how to enjoy good food, good drink and good conversation.  We all dressed up, even Bert, who looked very handsome in his black linen trousers and his royal blue shirt and Will, who still had on his wrist band name tag from Space Camp.

I wore my straw had from Venice and my Steve Madden royal blue slippers (about which more later in a separate post).

We ate waffles and wings with Bloody Mary's and coffee and cookies for dessert.  Jon and I made pictures endlessly with our iPhones.  Lane sat by Will and ran her fingers through his hair, supposedly to comb it, but I know she was thinking, "He won't be sitting here by me many more years for me to do this."

And we talked about Uncle in Kabul.  Will always likes to hear "Uncle Stories."  So I told about the time when Lee was just three years old and rode his tricycle to the strip mall next to our apartment complex, while I was typing Harry Pritchett's thesis for seminary and watching Lane in the playpen.

Jon is, for my money, the quintessential Father.  It comes, in his priorities, a close second to his devotion to Lane, and he enjoys being the father he never had enough of because of the war and his own father's early death.

He and the boys horsed around like three boys at the table.  Lane just shook her head, lovingly.

And then, they went home so Jon could see the soccer match on TV and to a movie later.  His choice, because it's his day.

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