Monday, December 31, 2012



Wisdom!  Wow!  I made it to the end of the seven qualities recommended by the ancient Hindus and described by Manly Hall in WORDS TO THE WISE.

And every time I look at her, I am amazed. Of course you won't understand the electrical current around her head until I tell you what Manly Hall says in another of his works:  LECTURES ON ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY.

In Chapter 14, he talks about how inadequate words are to describe intuitive knowledge. Science, he says can only deal with the physical world, the subtle world can't be measured by scientific means, nor described using words.

The Ancients developed a way to convey knowledge to those who were being initiated into the Mystery Schools, thus:  The Masters activated a "mysterious electric fluid" as the disciples gathered about him (in our case her).  The hierophant is seated in repose while all around his head this electrical fluid flows out and those who are listening, as pictured in the Samothracian carvings and figures have their hair standing on end "as though caused by a current of electrical energy, in each instance flowing away from the central figure from whom the current emanates."

This current stimulated "certain rational faculties in the inner natures of the disciples." who were then able to sense, feel, or intuitively grasp the knowledge that was being communicated to them without the use of words.

So, my image of the faceless woman representing Wisdom,  has these emanations coming from around her head, radiating knowledge to those who seek it, without words.

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