Wednesday, December 26, 2012



"Patience is not only willingness to wait; it is also indifference in a sense, to the time element in accomplishment."  (Manly P. Hall)

And it has been and still is "my life lesson."  When I was just a little thing, I had a great aunt who adored me, and tried to fulfill my every wish.  But she used to shake her head and say, "Sandra, Sandra, you are going to have to learn to wait."

And learn to wait I have.

Frye, my male analyst in Zurich, said of himself, "I may not be the best dream interpreter in Zurich, but I have one quality that always holds me in good stead.  I know how to wait."

And he did.

Somehow, though I think it gets easier with age.  As do most of these seven qualities.

I was showing these watercolors to one of my grandsons, who is himself a photographer and a painter.  When he got to "Detachment,"  he said,  "Detachment, is that a virtue?"

"You'll understand when you get older," I said.

And he willl.

P. S.  Waiting it much easier with a big hat on.

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