Sunday, December 23, 2012



According to Manly Hall's WORDS TO THE WISE, "harmony" is one of the seven requisites of perfection.

"Harmony is the beautifying of action, the invoking of an entirely constructive and cooperative mood.

Fashion seems to me to be almost totally about harmony.  Harmony of colors, of textures, of proportion, etc.

That's why I chose this image of a woman in an Armani suit and hat as the personification of "Harmony."

Doing a watercolor, photographing it, manipulating the image in the software, and then using the computer software to turn it back into a watercolor is a fascinating process.

I never can tell what I'm going to get.   So, when I push the button that says "watercolor," I wait with baited breath to see what happens.

This one was a big surprise and a great success -- except for the white blob on her chin.  I think that appeared because I darkened all her skin except for that blob on her chin.  It was barely noticeable in the image before I turned it into a watercolor.  Now it seems to be the most prominent thing.

Oh, well. all of my watercolors seem to have one flaw.  And my eye goes to it immediately.

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