Sunday, December 2, 2012

After Reading Vicki Archer's Sense or Sentimentality

What runs our lives?  Reason or Feeling

Enjoyed reading Vicki Archer's "French Essense" this morning where she talks about buying Christmas tree ornaments in Paris and carrying them to London -- with all that entails -- to help her daughter decorate her first Christmas tree in her very own apartment.

She talks about how she told herself over and over, "We have enough ornaments. Don't buy any more."  But she did and then adds:

"Does anyone ever listen to themselves?"

And then answers herself:

"Not me."

This is such a characteristic conversation that women, maybe men, too, have with themselves.

It is my belief that this is "Reason" trying to convince "Feeling."

Most people like to think that reason runs their lives, but some people know better.

I seem to make my decisions based on feeling and then, if I bother at all, go back later and make up a reason for it.

And just think what she would have missed if she had listened to reason.  It is heart warming to read the description of how she and her grown daughter decorated that first Christmas tree, covered in glitter and surrounded by paper and boxes.

Here's the link, read it for yourself.

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