Monday, December 31, 2012



Charity?  You say.  How can this image represent "charity"?

Because I adore what Manly Hall says about Charity in WORDS TO THE WISE:  "We must not only give of what we have, but of what we are."

Although some women now have material wealth to give, traditionally women have been able to give only "of what they are."

It seems to me that this gift has too long gone unrecognized.  Whenever a woman spends time, money and energy making herself beautiful for others, that is one of the most precious gifts she can offer.

Hall says later in the another work, "Beauty is a soul quality, and like the soul is visible only in its tincturing effect upon its immediate environment."

And again, "When we love the beautiful as we now love the dollar, we shall have a great and enduring civilization."

I am aware that some women are capable of using their ability to be an incarnation of Venus to manipulate others, but when it is done in the spirit of "charity" of giving, of giving of yourself to whoever has eyes to see, it is certainly a quality to be cultivated.

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