Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Shadow: A Distorted View of Things

How we see things when we are in a complex

When we touch what Jung calls a complex in our psyche, our view becomes distorted.

We all have complexes in our psyches, and the term "shadow" is probably a catch-all phrase for all of them, as Jung's term for the shadow was "content in the personal unconscious."

So for our purposes, whatever in our lives has been too painful to "feel" in its entirety. we relegate to the unconscious, to the shadow side of ourselves.

What interests me, in this post, is how reality becomes distorted when we view it through the veil of the shadow.  In the same way, a photograph becomes distorted, but sometimes more interesting, when we apply multiple filters to it in an overlay.

I've got to go find my lunch.  More later.

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