Saturday, July 6, 2013

"We Don't Need to Change the Outer World"

(Excerpts from MIND, TIME, AND POWER by Anthony Hamilton)

"Our feelings are not caused by what happens but by the meaning we attach to what happens."

"As you learn to -- consciously -- give each event a positive meaning (and a positive feeling), your world will undergo a profound shift."

"Changing your thinking changes both your worlds."

"The good news is that to create our desires as physical realities we don't need to change the world.  We only need to change our thinking.  The outer world will then be transformed automatically."

"As we examine the inner world, our inner awareness gathers information using our inner senses."

"The operation of the inner awareness is subtle.  When it gathers information from the past, we call it memory.  When it gathers information from the futuree, we can it day-dreaming (if the information is positive) or worry (if the information is negative)."

"As you learn to bring various aspects of the past and the future into the present to be examined, you'll discover that you have everything you need to heal the past and create your dreams."

It feels like MAGIC:  Motivation, Attitude, Goals, Imagination, and Consciousness.

"A clear idea of WHY we want something transforms our intention into a force which propels us from one reality to another."

"To consciously choose attitudes that work for you allows you to create both new opportunities and new emotions."

"Changing your attitude about life changes your life."

"The imagination is the connecting link between the inner and outer worlds."

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  1. Brilliant.... :)
    On my way to Amazon now to see more of this writer...thank you!