Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cognitive Maps

(Excerpts from MIND, TIME, AND POWER by Anthony Hamilton)

"You not only can create your own reality, but you are creating it right now -- unconsciously."

"Each person's life reflects their predominant states."

"When you gaze into the world, you expect it to have the characteristics of your model.  If your expectations are realized, you feel comfortable.  If not, you feel some degree of discomfort.  This triggers your explainer to generate a theory (called a belief) to explain the differences."

"Denial is very influential in creating the unwanted conditions you have been experiencing up to now."

"Each of us thinks we are perceiving, experiencing, and understanding the world when we are really experiencing the actions of our mind as it projects our expectations into the world."

"Most of the difficulties we experience in life stem from the fact that the concepts, models, and images we are using to understand the world are inaccurate."

"Any unpleasant situation that persists in your life does so because of the model of reality you are using."

"Modifying the process changes the outcome."

"When you learn that the megative contents of your life are due to the fact that your memories are faulty and you learn to change your memories, you will gain the power to change the contents of your life."

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