Saturday, July 6, 2013

Making Models in the Mind

(Excerpts from MIND, TIME AND POWER by Anthony Hamilton)

"Thinking is the process of constructing a model of reality so we can understand our experience."

"We construct models of reality called concepts in order to understand our experiences, remaining blissfully unaware that these internal models may be giving us completely false information."

"The difference between your model of reality and your actual reality... is the source of many of your problems."

"You continually think the origin of your problem lies in the world when it really lies in your 'model' of the world."

"Your mind is constantly creating your personal reality by projecting your internal models outward, where you experience them as external reality....The same nerves used in conceiving your inner world are involved in perceiving your outer one."

"A continuous feedback loop connects these two aspects of your being.  The contents and characteristics of the outer world are shaped by the contents and characteristics of your inner world."

"The circumstances of your life reflect what is going on around you."

"Remain unaware of a certain concept and any results created by it will seem due to other causes."

"...become aware of the patterns that already exist in your mind and gain a measure of control over them."

"This changes your future, since what formerly intimidated you now excites you."

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  1. It is liberating to finally understand and internalize this, isn't it? Thank you, dear Sandra, for yet another wonderful, and very timely, post...
    - Irina