Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Past and the Future

The Matternorn
(Excerpts from MIND, TIME, AND POWER by Anthony Hamilton)

"When you think about the past in a different way, different information comes into your mind."

"The past is really nothing more than a very complex thought form--complete with a meaning you have unconsciously given it."

"When you change your point of view, you change the meaning of past events as well as the implications of it."

"And this is all the past is -- an idea with meaning and implications."

"When you change the meaning of a past event, the character of your present also shifts."

"The difference in the past and the future is an illusion, based on your personal concept of how the mind works."

"What you call memory, and give such special status to, is really a function of the questions you ask yourself about the past.  Change the questions and you change the information.  You can continually get new information about the past simply by asking yourself as series of 'What if...?' questions."

"If you ask similar questions about the future, you'll start to see that the future is just as real as the past."

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