Friday, September 14, 2012

Thinking About Paris in October

Photo by Sandra Busby
Edited in PicMonkey
Everybody asks, "What are you going to do in Paris?"

I will do what I always do, and mostly the same things I do when I'm at home.  The only difference is there are more beautiful things to see and shoot in Paris.

Normally, my day at home goes something like this:  sleep until 9am or so, drink tea while I look at my e-mails and blogs, talk to people I love on the phone, go out for a lunch, run errands, and in the evenings play bridge and read or write.

Normally, in Paris, my day goes something like this:  sleep until 9am or so, have breakfast in my room while I check e-mails and blogs, go out for a little (window) shopping, meet friends for lunch, shop and take pictures until dusk, have a light meal, go to the room and process my pictures and write a little.

Not too much difference.  But the atmosphere in Paris makes a tremendous difference in my  creative juices, having a visual feast -- for my camera and for my interest in fashion.

Just sitting in a cafe, such as the one in this picture, with a hat and sunglasses to shield me from the view of passers-by, with a coffee and my camera watching the kaleidoscope of people and clothes and dogs (this is the only distance at which I enjoy dogs, on  leash walking by) is my daily treat.

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