Monday, September 3, 2012

Espadrilles from Spain

Shoes, shoes, shoes

(Photo enhanced using PicMonkey)

Oh, happy day!  I have found someone who can wear my shoes.

Vicki, Mary Caroline, and I had lunch at Carmello's yesterday, and in the conversation, I asked Vicki if she thought she could wear my shoes.  (You can't imagine how many shoes I buy, as works of art, and then can't wear them.)

So, after lunch we came by my house and I pulled out these lavender, silk, wedge heel espadrills that I bought in Spain on the first cruise that Ann Hays and I went on in September last year.

Actually I bought a pair of shoes in almost every port.   In my defense, I was egged on by Ann Hays to buy these.  Even I knew I could never wear them, outside the house.   "You could wear them when I come to see you," Ann Hays said.

They were only 20 euros and they were size 35 (the only pair of 35's in the store), so I took them.

And they are exquisite!  Not anything else like them in Tuscaloosa.  But the elastic on the back was too tight for me and my foot went to sleep in them.  So they languished in my closet along with a dozen other pairs of shoes that I have brought home in the hopes of wearing them because I liked their looks.

Now that I have found someone who not only can wear my shoes, but who still wears heels and who enjoys shoes as much as I do, Vicki and I will make it a ritual.  Every so often, I will choose one of the pairs I can bear to part with,  let her try them on, and -- Voila!  A new life for the shoes and a perk up for Vicki.   And, of course, I will get to make the picture and blog about it.  Perfect arrangement!

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