Saturday, September 22, 2012

"Life is the Childhood of our Immortality"

Photo by Sandra Busby

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It's such a gorgeous afternoon, sunny, cool.  But I've already been for my walk and tidied up my little garden in the back a bit.

That's quite enough physical exercise for one day for me.

There's a football game in town.  "Roll Tide."  So I'm more or less confined to my house until 6pm when the game starts and the traffic clears.

My house guest called and postponed her visit for a couple of days.

I have NOTHING to read.   (That has to be remedied after 6pm.)

I've had my lunch, and done all I can do to make myself look presentable.

Lane and Jon are getting ready for Bert's birthday supper tonight, for a dozen teenagers.  No chance of company there.

The quotation from Goethe could provoke some deep thinking, but I'm entirely too languid for that.
The picture is nice though, so I'm sharing it.

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