Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Evenings with Maha

Sunday Evenings at Barnes and Noble

I suddenly realized that I haven't posted anything since last Sunday!!!

It's been quite a week, which I don't want to talk about.  Reminds me of Will when he was 5 years old and I would pick him up from kindergarten.  I always asked, "How was school today, Will."

His invariable answer, "I don't wnat to talk about it."

What I do want to talk about, however, is the way I spend my Sunday evenings with Maha (Martha's affectionate name.)

For several years now, we have been spending our Sunday evening together, eating a light meal at Jason's or Panera's or Taziki's, after which we go to Barnes and Noble for our coffee and our weekly fix of fashion magazines.

Now that we are going to Paris in October, we are really zoning in on the shoes and clothes we want to look at, the shops we want to visit, and the bistros and tea rooms we want to check out.

We both make lists during the week from scouring the internet, making notes from our favorite blogs, with addresses which we find on the Google Map on our iPhone or iPad.  What "techies" we have become.  But it is a pleasant way to bring the week to a close.  (Reminds me of when we were 8 or 9 year olds in Leeds.  My sister and I each had a dime which we spent at Miller's Drug Store for a coke.  Then we would sit on the ledge near the comic books and read until we heard that slurpy sound, indicating that the last drops of the coke and the ice were being consumed.)

It is almost like being a kid again, except I am enjoying it much more this time around.  I like being a kid in a grown up's body, with a house and a car, and a few dollars of disposable income.  It gives me something to look forward to, being with a friend and planning an adventure.

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