Friday, July 13, 2012

"Perception is the Same as Revelation"

"Perception is the same as revelation."  Aldous Huxley
I find these days that I have less and less to say -- I only want to look at these exquisite images that I can create on PicMonkey, using photos that I had long since given up on.
I could "see" something in them, and consequently, I didn't throw them away, but I was aware that others couldn't see "it."
Now, I think other people can "see" what I see, thanks to this software that allows me to bring out the colors, darken the edges, put a frame on it, and write on it.
C'est magnifique!
(And this reminds me of an earlier quote, not from Aldous Huxley, "I know that it's true; and I know that you don't see it."  Said in an entirely different context, but so appropriate here.)

Now I'm off to stir the stew in the outer world.

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