Thursday, July 5, 2012

Loving PicMonkey

This is the view from the apartment I lived in for a month in Villefranche
sur Mer while I was studying French.
I can't believe how many ways there are to manipulate your pictures these days.

I had barely gotten used to using the 100 Cameras in 1 on my iPhone when I discovered PicMonkey, today.

It is to be used directly on the MAC so I don't have to re-shoot the photos in my  iPhoto file.  Just drag one of them to the desktop and download it into this software.

Then you can change the color, the size, frame it, write on it, make a collage, etc.

I still have much experimenting to do to see what is possible, then I will have to learn to Pin It, use it on hubpages, make it a background on Polyvore, etc.

This was shot in a jewelry artist's shop in Milano a couple of years
ago when Nat and I were there shopping.
Here's another one.

 Every time I do one, that one becomes my favorite.

 And I adore writing on the images and putting borders around them.  Makes them look so much more professional.

The quotation is from John Lenon.

I'm beginning to agree with him.  Although I can't decide which comes first:  getting more real or the world getting more unreal.

Maybe they're both happening at the same time.


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