Sunday, July 1, 2012

"Ith" My Birthday

"Ith" my birthday and what a wonderful one it is.

The image to the right is the first one I have created with "100 Cameras in 1. " This was a very ordinary image, almost a throw-away, that I shot on Wednesday when Vicki, Mary Caroline and I were eating at the Thai place on the strip.

But with this new app on my iphone, I can turn an ordinary image into something extraordinary.  I still have to play with it and see what all it can do.

Back to my birthday, I have had calls and cards from many people who love me.  And, as I was just telling a special phone friend, I feel so blessed to be in a stage in my life -- when most of my responsibilities have been carried out -- when I have the free time to do some important work in other realities, lighter, less dense realities where the consequences and outcomes can be changed in the blink of a eye.

Like the e-card Ann Hays sent me, which expresses in such a light, whimsical way, the way I'm feeling:  we can create our own reality in the outer world by painting it in our inner world, and if we spill the ink, we can make a dragon fly out of it.

Thank you, World.

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  1. That card is so great, Sandra! I will be in Tuscaloosa this week, I hope I can come see you. I love you and miss you and wish you an amazing birthday!