Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Life is Never Stranger than when it is Unreasonable"

Another quotation from Victor Hugo and another camera app for the iphone.

This one is called Cameras Plus and it is combined with PicMonkey (without which, these days, I never publish a photo.).

And another quotation from Aldous Huxley:  "Your enjoyment of the world is never right till every morning you awake in Heaven."

Which I did this morning, and every morning, if I can keep from being awakened, and simply allow myself to wake up "in Heaven."

What a marvelously contented place I'm in these days, so much variety and so much space -- and so many toys to keep me occupied.

Lee cooked a breakfast-lunch at 12:30pm for me and Harris, the youngest Busby, and I must say one of the most charming.  I am so enjoying getting to know him, given this opportunity to be around him more since he is sharing the house with Lee.  He starts his university schooling in another month, after which I'm sure he will be scarce, but right now, he is available,  relaxed, and very good company.

Lee cooked, and Harris ate heartily and then said, "You cooked.  I'll clean."  What a joy!

We had thunder and a little rain while we ate, which left the feeling of freshness in the air.

I'll close with another quotation from one of my favorite philosophers:  "I'm going to pour myself into life and enjoy every minute of it."

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