Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Living a Multidimensional Life: Part II


Of the 10 domains of consciousness, all except the first, the physical, are invisible.

"A skeptic might argue that these realms don't exist.  That's a hard argument to settle because if something doesn't exist for you, it might as well not exist."

"A philosopher might argue that reality isn't truly known until you are aware of all of these domains in your consciousness."

"The material world can be your base level of experience or not.  The other levels are available by transcending, or going beyond your base level."

"So the real question is what domain do you wish to live in?"

"To me, the ideal life is lived on all levels of consciousness.  Your attention is not bounded or narrow; you open yourself to the whole of awareness."

"You have the opportunity to lead such a life, but by focusing on one or two levels only, you've caused the others to atrophy.  They have been squeezed out of your awareness, and thus your ability to transcend is much diminished."

"Each dimension of your existence has its own purpose, offering a level of fulfillment that is not available anywhere else (these are the 'flavors of creation').  In completely expanded awareness, every dimension is accessible."

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