Sunday, April 28, 2013

How We Limit Our Awareness: Part III


"Your mind wants to expand into unlimited awareness.  However, narrow attention is like a single light that shines on only one object.  It excludes everything outside its beam; the equivalent in the mind is rejection."

"How do we keep ourselves from entering each domain of awareness?"

"PURE BEING:  I don't slow down enough to be truly quiet inside.  I don't set time aside to meditate.  I haven't experienced the tranquility of nature recently."

"CONDITIONED BLISS:  I haven't felt joy in simply being alive.  I am not seeking opportunities for wonder.  I don't seem to be around young children enough.  I haven't gazed at the night sky."

"LOVE:  I've been taking my loved ones for granted. I've put love on the back burner as something of value.  I don't make time for love in my life."

"KNOWINGNESS:  I give in to doubt too much.  I automatically take a skeptical stance and only settle for hard facts.  I don't seem to know any wise people.  I spend little time exposing myself to philosophy and spiritual writings."

"MYTH AND ARCHETYPES:  I don't really have any heroes anymore.  I reject the notion that a higher inspiration is necessary and don't make time for it."

"INTUITION:  I look for proof before I believe in something.  I think of extrasensory powers as wishful thinking."

"IMAGINATION:  Art's not my thing.  I don't go to museums or concerts.  My hobby is television and the sports page."

"REASON:  I know what I know and stick with it.  I don't listen to the other side of an argument very often.  I just want to prove I'm right."

"EMOTION:  I don't make a scene.  I'm not impressed by people who give in to their emotions.  Holding it inside is my motto."

"PHYSICAL BODY:  I should take better care of myself. I'm not happy with my body, and I'm not much for physical activity."

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